Worried you'll never have enough time in the day?

Momming is hard enough as it is, right?

Add in autism and/or ADHD, then it can be downright difficult.

Start your day with my daily routine planner for autistic moms.

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    Is this really for me?

    I have struggled, mightily, with routines and schedules because of my own executive dysfunctioning issues. Time blindness is a real struggle for me but thanks to these techniques, I've learned how to best support myself.

    Meet Kori

    Hi I'm Kori! I'm an autistic mom, thriving and surviving in a world that was not fully set up to support me. I have three children (one non-speaking autistic adult and a suspected second).

    What to expect

    After receiving your planner, you'll also get a quick series of emails with how to start your new routines and schedule. I'll send you weekly emails after that so that you can thrive as an autistic woman.